Sunday, February 12, 2012

Giveaway Winner!

Okay, so I totally forgot about the first giveaway ending! sorry!

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The #16 winner is none other than the blog stalker.....

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Supercute Bag Giveaway!

I have a special treat today--it's my first tutorial and I'd like to celebrate together! Please check it out at
Sew We Quilt; I appreciate your support ♥ 
I'm trying out this rafflecopter widget to see how it works so please sign up to win this LOVELY bag!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Mexican Goods & A Roll-up Bag

B asked what I brought home from Mexico this year--how the heck did I forget to show you this?

This hand-cut and designed metal cross is interesting because it has a series of pictures on it with assorted meanings, decorated blinged-out with glitter. You can guess most of the meanings--a heart for "love and miss me", devil for "be good," the mermaid for "don't let the siren confuse you." (see? totally obvious!) These same images are ones that are commonly found on a Mexican Loteria (bingo) card.

Feel free to click on the photos for a closer view

Then, this year's addition to the Dias de los Muertos animal collection. You can see my finger in the second picture--that is the size of the skull. This is a male dog, as indicated by his mustachioed snout--isn't that hilarious? So manly! Is anyone else hearing the Austin Powers theme song right now?

And lastly, a roll-up bag that I made for my friend Samm using a Tammy Tadd pattern (now out of print):

Open, it is 15 X 15 X 4

Rolled up is about 7 X 3, just right for a quick trip to the market.

Please stop back on Wednesday--I'll have a tutorial up on Sew We Quilt and a giveaway for the item here!

Friday, February 3, 2012

New Year, New Look, & A Giveaway!

Hello my fine friends!

If you are viewing this in reader, please jump over to the blog--I really want you to see the new me!

Jennie of Clover & Violet  has started a new blog, one that will be chronicling her love of photography and burgeoning business venture in graphic design called click. snap. swoosh. laugh. She offered to makeover my blog and I said "Gee, I'm not sure" HA! Just kidding! I jumped at the chance! 

I usually sign with ♥Duff because I believe that love (to love and be loved in return) is the single greatest joy in life. So I said I wanted a heart and Jennie took over from there! What do you think? Isn't Jennie amazing? Her talent totally knocks my socks off! 

I'm thoroughly excited! A new year! A new look! No Hands! And, I just passed the 100-post mark, so I want to celebrate this fabtacularness with a...


You have your choice of 2 items:
1.  This lovely flea market bag (already constructed):


2. A peek-a-boo bag (that's a vinyl window so you see the tissue holder inside the bag). We can figure out which fabrics you like and work it from there!
here's a sample:

Chances to Enter:

1. Leave a comment. Anything will do. The more dramatic and mouthy, the more I'll enjoy reading it.

2. Tell Jennie specifically what you like about the new blog look (what was the first thing to catch your eye?); with a new business feedback is good! Link to click. snap. swoosh. laugh and leave a comment! leave a comment here telling me you did that/will do that.

3. If you are a follower, say so. I appreciate the way you listen to my ramblings ☺

Giveaway ends at midnight CST next Friday 2/10. 
I will email the winner and he/she can state which prize is worthy of owning. 
No-reply bloggers should leave contact info in comment.
Void where prohibited or inebriated.
If you caught that last one, put yourself in for another chance.