Sunday, June 5, 2011

Oh Mama!

Okay, so I've got lots to show you here. I felt particularly inspired to create one day so I finished the batik strip quilt. Pattern: My Colors Went Wild

On the same day, I made an apron for me because I sold my original. This is the 11th one (got my money's worth on this pattern!) and I love the fabrics. Specifics:
Chatterbox apron pattern by Mary Mulari.
The main fabric: It's Hoot by Momo for Moda, In Flight in Sky,
Accent fabric is Sugar Pop by Liz Scott for Moda, Dot Dot Dot in Eggplant.

double click for close-up!

Garage sale finds:
pink is unused pillow case and yellow is a handmade half apron-50 cents each!

Vintage tablecloths still in the package? Are you kidding?! The one on the left has matching napkins too. $1 each! 
OH, AND LOOK! A MAGIC 8 BALL, RIGHT? WRONG! It's a freaky sarcastic ball!
  "Will I win the lottery?"
Okay, fine! "Are you RUDE?"
Forget it. "Will I marry John Cusack or what?!"

Answers that I guess! What deals have you gotten lately?