Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Birthday was a Stitch!

Friday was pretty awesome--Aidan and I need to be certified in infant CPR because Supercute should be coming home next week. He's up to 5 lb, 13 oz, 18 inches long. It is with both delight and wonder that I consider the fact that my exhusband and his fiance have asked me to be the 'emergency person' they can leave Patrick with. No one else will have this honor. wow. I'm floored, actually. {above} So here's Aidan with Supercute--big bro and little bro!
{above} And here's what happens when they pass Supercute to me. Somehow, I don't believe he's thinking "who's that raven-haired vixen holding me?" But then usually, I'm throwing my manhooks into something a little bit older. Interestingly, they sure do cry the same, regardless of age.
{above}Ah! Happy Birthday to me! My day started with Aidan making breakfast--bacon and french toast. My little sweetheart even made the bacon first, brought me sizzling slices, and then went back to make the rest. Ah, bacon then french toast. works for me!

I spent my birthday night with the girls--quilting, of course! Jennie gave me this awesome bag I was drooling over at the quilt show and Vicki gave me a box of taddles. We ate pizza and cupcakes from Sweet Dreams, a local bakery. They even sang the birthday song--how awesome is that? It was, without a doubt, the best birthday I've had in years.

{above} here's what I completed last night: the table runner and a reversible apron. I was having such a rush from the evening that I stayed up quilting until 1:30 this morning. A quilting hangover. Dang I'm getting old!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Jennie and I went attended the International Quilt Festival/Chicago 2010 at the Stephens Center today. Here are a few pics of quilts that struck a chord in me. One click on the photo will give you a better view:

[above]My Stash at 50 (aka Log Cabin with Attitude) by Karen Eckmeier of CT. Here she is celebrating her 50th birthday by using only fabric from her stash and each block had to contain 24 different fabrics. Even the points have beading!
[above]Oh, for Henna's Sake by Michelle Reasoner of TX. In this quilt she is honoring the beauty of the art of henna tattooing, in a way that can be seen and enjoyed for generations.

[above] Circle of Friendship by Margie Davidson of Canada. This quilt expresses the physical representation of the friendship between quilters. It incorporates fabrics and the hand print of each quilter in their group. "Quilting is the thread that brings us together as we grow through the seasons of the year."

[above]Crocus is an original design by Maggie Weiss of Evanston, IL. This is torn silk and then layers of fused fabrics (cotton, organza, silk). She captured the crocus

from many different angles with her camera and then used her prior knowledge of collage to design this piece. She conducts classes on silkscreening so we are hoping that the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild will be able to host her at one of our meetings. This quilt is truly amazing!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Quilting Weekend and Supercute Update!

Yes, I’ve been remiss about blogging—my apologies! I had such a swell time at the quilting retreat last weekend that it took nearly a week to recuperate! That said, there are other blogs with pictures, namely Jennie and Vicki, so I will just post the items I made. I started a table runner with Michael Miller’s salt and pepper shaker fabric and the other is a 38 X 48 baby quilt--Stacked Coins--with Moda's Birdie fabric line. Because the front is so symmetrical, Jennie thought that a wave quilting pattern would add some calmness and texture to the back--I love it! I was so thrilled to start and finish a project in one weekend! I also bought a quilt kit at one of the shops we visited—couldn’t resist In the Beginning Fabric!

Mr. Supercute is one phenomenal little guy! He’s up to 5 lbs, 5 oz and 17 inches long! Amazing! Who can get enough of that cute little pus? Not me! He even smiles when he sleeps…

Monday, April 12, 2010

IHAN Giveaway!

Kelly Jackson over at I Have A Notion is STILL at it! She's giving IHAN readers 30 days and nights of quilty pleasure! Today, though, she's officially upped the ante by giving away this:That's right--the AccuQuilt Go! Can you believe it? I've signed up nearly every day to win something fabulous! And in the process, I've learned a lot about all the products that are on the market--woo hoo!
Here are 2 must-have links for you to click on:

Thursday, April 8, 2010

That's one unhappy buck-a-roo!

Have you ever had one of those friends who seems to just bring out the crazy in you? Someone who makes you laugh, again and again? This person is my Aunt Maureen. She laughs so easily and has the silliest sense of humor! Once we get started, the one-liners just keep a-comin’. After a while they’re not even funny but we just keep at it until we’ve obliterated the subject. Today, though, it’s this picture that we cannot get enough of; meet Isaiah, my nephew’s youngest son. His facial expression is hilarious to me. If you think so too, you might like the running one-liners Aunt Moe and I came up with…(and by all means, this is a joke.)


1. NO, I’m not the friggin’ Easter Bunny.

2. Maybe he got a whiff of that rug he is wearing…………

3. Hey Poncho! Hey Cisco!

4. Hey…someone cut a hole in an old used saddle blanket and made me a top……

5. Is someone missing a dog bed?? Are these flea bites on my face??

6. Would someone please take these Nazi arm bands off????

7. Is this a wac-a-mole in a couch?

8. Just call me Serape Sam….

9. Oh Darn!!!!!!!!! I have no arms!!!!!!!!!

10. Clint Eastwood’s little brother Clod.

11. Why do I always have to wear the ass-end of this horse costume?

12. Okay Uncle Tom, I rolled my sourpuss in glue and now you want me to put the dog hair where?

13. I got your tickets to the gun show Right Here!

14. Oh Scarlet, your gown is so rustic!

15. It’s Yosemite Shortpants and he’s packin’ heat!

16. Now announcing Barry MANTLE-LOW

17. The Caped Crapper

18. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits!

19. What skid marks?

20. Where's the truck that ran over me?

21. The Caped Crusaders' sidekick. . . Guano!

22. An unhappy buck-a-roo!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Supercute, Feelin' Fine!

Thanks for all your well-wishes, ladies! I'm feelin' FINE this morning!
Yesindeedie, I am feelin' the love across the miles! Makin' me a SMILIN' baby!!