Friday, November 20, 2009

Oooh, finally. some quilting.

I went to Prairie Shop Quilts in Batavia, IL, yesterday and met the nicest shop owner--Bonita. She helped me pick out some fabrics for a quilt that I plan to make for my mother. I hear my conscience saying, "good luck with that. have you ever finished a quilt?" Well, yes and no. I have, but only small ones for baby showers and a tote here or jacket there. That's really it.

But things are a changin' baby!

Here is a photo of the fabrics for Mom's quilt. I had a photo of her sofa so I pulled the colors from that and then tried to add a more modern flare with the Amy Butler patterns. Why? Because Mom has these awesome sequined pillows on the plainest chair you've ever seen. She's like that--you just never know when a sparkle is going to fly. Yes, I'm talking about decorating as well as her personality. There's a heck of a lot going on beneath the surface and then, voila, out comes something unexpected and completely full of excitement. Always a treat! I hope this quilt turns out the same way.

So we'll see what happens and how fast it goes.

The other thing I did today was get a haircut from T., my enlightened friend and most excellent hair stylist. I needed something new. . . Agent F was right about that: When a woman cuts her hair--look out!-- it means she's looking for a change. So, T. cut off (gulp) 4 inches after cutting 3 two weeks ago. It's up to my shoulders now. I look like an adult. scary!

Here's some good info for future use:
I am going to refer to people in my life by the title "Agent" and then his or her first initial. Except me. Because usually I don't refer to myself in 3rd person. And anyway, I'm strange agent (see profile) so that just doesn't work.
Hey, brainstorm! I will post pictures and perhaps tell family secrets until they leave a comment.
The lineup:
Agent J= younger sister
Agent K= older sister
Agent B= girl friend
Agent F= male friend
Agent A= my fav teenager

Monday, November 16, 2009

What The?!

Today a funny thing happened. I was about 99% sure I saw a kid swipe a copy card out of a copier at work. I asked in the office next to mine, “Does someone have a copy card in the copier?” “Yes” came the reply from a woman wearing a black turtleneck sweater. I said, “That kid in the red just took it out of the machine” as I pointed at a student who was about 100 yards from us. The woman in black sighed “oh.” A long, saddened, oh. I was completely baffled by her reaction. I opened my mouth wide and in my best diaphragm teacher voice yelled “HEY!” Everyone looked at me except the kid. “HEY! IN THE RED!” Again, no response. He was just about at the end of the 200-yard hallway so I took off running. He made a left and disappeared. I knew he was headed toward the side door so I moved a little faster. When I got to the end of the hallway, a man said “he went out the door and to the right.” I ran outside and there he was, not too far ahead of me. I said “Hey! You in the red! Give me that copy card! Nooowww!” as if I were scolding a child. My voice was firm and loud. Pretty scary, actually. He said he didn’t have it but saw one by the door we had both just come through. I said, “Oh yeah? Show me” and followed him indoors. Sure enough, it was on a janitorial cart by the door. I gave him a “you don’t fool me” look just as the woman in black showed up to retrieve her card. The kid walked back out the side door and the woman in black said to me, “Thank you. I can’t believe you ran after him. I think you got your workout for the week.” Yes, I was panting. I said with a smile, “Sure. Tell me there’s actually some money on that card.” And there was, about 600 copies worth. After the incident, I thought I should have said something to that kid like “next time we’ll press charges.” See? I didn’t follow through. The woman was happy to have her card back so the scene just dissolved.

The point of the story? I’m a hero? No. I need to work on my cardio? Yes, but no, not the point. The point is I took action. Why was that woman so shocked? Why did she sigh? That kid stole something of hers and she was instantly resigned to letting it go without a fight. When did we become so complacent to have our things stolen from us? Do we even notice anymore? We need to be aware and fight for what’s right. To fight for our rights. Upset the downward momentum.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


I've decided to make a blog because
A. I need a place to put all my quilting information and
B. I want to share what I'm doing with family and friends.
I'm hoping that if I make my hobby a public thing I'll feel more inspired to keep going. Oh, and I can post pictures of my family members for everyone in the world to see. You've heard of Irish yoga, right?

Are you wondering where the name "Bacon Then Eggs" comes from? It stems from a discussion about me snagging the bacon before the eggs were done cooking. What can I say? I like my bacon hot off the griddle. This "discussion" came up more times than was really reasonable and always ended with "It's called bacon and eggs not bacon then eggs!"

There you have it. 'Bacon Then Eggs' is my mantra for doing things my way. I'm going to dive into life, take chances, and find the joy before it's all over.

Oh yeah, and no one's going to tell me in what order I should eat my breakfast foods ever again. Just try it and I'll toss you out like last night's Chinese.