Sunday, November 11, 2012

UR Pricelessly Crazy!

Sometimes inspiration comes at the strangest times.
My 17-year old son and I as he’s leaving to meet his dad:

Me: Give me a kiss goodbye (I make that strange little sound when you pucker up)

A: What is that?

Me: It’s what Grandma Glynn used to do when she wanted a kiss

A: (weird look) Oooookay… (gives me kiss anyway)

Me: I loved when she did that . . .  She also told me that the safest place for your money is in your bra.

A: Not helpful to me.

Me: (as he’s walking out the door) you never know kid! You might get fat and bald and need a 'manssiere' like your dad!!!

So, with Grandma Glynn on my mind, I started to look for fabric that might make a nice UR Priceless change purse. I think she’d like my choice….

If you'd like to try your hand at making a UR Priceless change purse, 
the pattern is available through Madame Samm's Craftsy page.

Congratulations to #32 Sue for winning the Wicked blog hop giveaway--your charm pack is on the way!