Sunday, December 20, 2009

Here’s a close-up of some of the fabrics. Do you see how I have that light pink in so many fabrics to accentuate/pull out the pink in the border? Would you say it worked?

I have to think about how I am going to quilt this tomorrow. I was thinking either diamonds (cross-cross grid) or stitch in the ditch for the main panel and then a simple straight line around the border. I guess I’ll have to sleep on it...

p.s. It is on carpet so some of the seams look puckered but I assure you that they are not.

And She's Off...

Thanks to feedback from Sally and Agent K, I picked up that quilt again. Here it is before the quilting, but pretty much the way it will look. No, I still don’t like it, but what kind of mother is going to say “Um, no, I hate it. Take it back.” Granted, I tried to give her a ceramic Christmas tree that I had painted blue, and she said, “Oh, you should keep that for yourself after all your hard work,” which was an absolute euphemism for “blue is not a Christmas color; this doesn’t fit with the red and green.” I prefer blue and silver to red and green so it fits in my house just fine. Anyway, I will give it to her and if I get it back then I’ll contact sew mama sew and ask to be added to the list of giveaway bloggers next spring.

Still like it?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mom's Quilt is Almost Ready!

Well, this is what’s going on with Mom’s quilt. I like it but I don’t. I like the colors, they’re just right I think. But I really like quilts that are more structured. For example, I think sashing would be perfect so that I can see each square’s construction and color layout. In fact, as I put it together, I was making sure that the colors worked together. Urgh! Why did I do that? I’m supposed to be focusing on breaking the rules, not making new ones. Santa’s naughty list it is. . .again.

I noticed that the camera really helps me to see an overall “picture” of the quilt to assess color placement. Do you see how the pink jumps out at you? I tried to make it as uniform as possible across the quilt so that your eyes will have a place to “rest.” I also think I’d like to put a thin border around this colorful quilt before the larger border. Maybe I’ll bring it to Bonita and get her opinion. What do you think?

Friday, December 11, 2009

I got it baby, oh yeah.

Yesterday after work I had a flat tire. It was 23 below zero with the wind chill! The wait for a tow truck was over 2 hours due to the onslaught of accidents that snowy weather brings. Yes, I was wondering if karma was involved--all my talk about good fortune, was this a feng shui dragon biting my butt? Well, the college police were kind enough to change my tire and get me on my way within 1/2 hour. How awesome is that?! I’m going to write a letter to the campus police to let them know how wonderful they are and how grateful I am that they were willing to offer assistance on such a horrendous day!

So I bought 4 new tires today to the tune of $466.50. I had a fine time waiting for them to be put on because I read a bunch of magazines. You see, I didn’t have a pile of laundry staring at me (usually it doesn’t stare, it threatens mutiny) or dishes to wash. All I could do was read some garbage about the latest styles I will never wear and learn 50 ways to perform strange, intimate man-pleasing things. Hmm, it’s like porn in written form. Available at your local newsstand. Or ask your 16-year-old daughter who has a subscription. Why don’t men’s magazines boast “50 ways to make her sing like a jailbird while imprisoned in your bedroom”? Anyway, I got a real education and new tires. What a great day!

Oh, and here's the best part: When I got home there was an email waiting for me-I won a dyed tree from Heidi at Craft-nosis.

Sweetness! I still got it, baby! These trees are adorable and come in tons of colors. That totally made my day!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Good feeling, won't you stay with me just a little longer...(Violent Femmes)

I’ve been trying to explain to Agent J that life is better (and better) when you concentrate on the good stuff. This is no easy feat because you have to keep your thoughts positive. For example, if work is getting you down because you’re forced to work with people who are gossip hounds, keep repeating something to the (positive) effect of “I work in a comfortable, supportive environment.” I know, it’s easier to think “Make these backstabbing knobs take a hike” but that’s not a positive take on the situation. Yes, WAY easier said than done, especially when the knobs are talking about your hair, butt size, or planning to get you fired.

Okay, so I’ve been doing this for about the last 2 months. In addition, to be fair, my work environment is fabulous so no complaints there. But I have been trying to improve my general outlook and I have some health concerns that are in need of reversals. So, I wake up every morning and DECIDE that I am going to have a healthy, fulfilling day. Lo and behold, I have. I am thankful for all the good stuff that is happening to me, and it just keeps piling up.

Here’s what happened this week:

1. I won 2 bag patterns from Meg. Thanks, Meg! Visit her blog at

2. I won a custom-made fabric basket from Corky. Thanks, Corky! Visit her blog at

3. I won a purse-size first aid kit after participating in the local Community College Fitness Walk.

4. I just bought myself a new computer (received yesterday) and when I went online today, Hewlett Packard sent me an email about their “big sale” which included my new computer! So I called to see if I could get a price adjustment and found out that the one from the email has more working memory(extra 2GB) and hard drive memory(extra 140GB) for only $50 more. I decided to “exchange” the computer I just received and fork out the extra $50. But wait, I’m a teacher—any teacher discounts? Oh yes, to the tune of $66. So, the computer I will be receiving has more memory and cost me almost $20 less than the first one. Thanks, HP!

How awesome is that???

Gotta go……buy a lottery ticket!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

What The?!

Thanksgiving has come and gone. I am amazed at how little I can get done in a day! And the work it requires....

Well, seeing as you nasty sisters (beasties!!) have no comments for me, I am going to post these fine photos and THEN we'll see how many dates you garner!

May I introduce Agent K, schnookered while cooking. Agent K's likes are a fine glass of homemade "rude barbed" wine, cabana boys, hoochie-mama outfits (when going out--not here at a family gathering--then she's all puritan-like), and Absolutely Fabulous reruns. Did I mention she drives a fire-engine-red Mustang? Put your seatbelts on boys! Vrooooom!

And then there's Agent J, on a "good" hair day. Agent J's likes are platform stilettos, various flavored martinis, miniature designer dogs, shopping at Archie McPhee, and men under the age of 30. And holy smoke does she gets 'em!! This is one cougar on the prowl! MMeeooooow!

So, hopefully I've mortified you two into commenting. Too bad you can't post pictures, eh? Did you happen to notice that you both have your heads thrown back in laughter? That's really how I see you--having fun and living life! I think that's what I'm supposed to look like. I'm getting, there. I swear...