Monday, March 29, 2010

Supercute & His New Rag Quilt Blanket

Patrick is now up to 4.3 pounds! He had the flu but after a course of antibiotics, he’s doing just fine. He has been moved to a side room in the NICU—yeah! We are all hopeful that he will be out of the incubator and into a crib soon.

Here is the rag quilt that Aidan and I made for Supercute. Aidan picked out the fabrics and even did some of the sewing! He’s 5’5” (and holding the quilt up) so this blanket is a great size and should last Supercute for a while. I've asked Aidan to sew before and he always gave me the "no way" look. It was pretty awesome to see him step up to the plate for his little brother♥

This is the wonky awesomeness I've been playing with since January. It's just not working for me. The outline is brown with white dots. I've tried making a vertical "bar" and also "floating" the star squares, but I'm not satisfied. Any ideas? Is it okay? Blah or Blaggchh!?

Last but not least, Aidan spent more than half of his spring break at the hospital visiting with his brother, but took time out to send me pics of a car in the hospital parking lot. What a great advertisement!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Everyone loves a giveaway, right?
So, here's 3 for you!
1. Judi from Green Fairy Quilts. She is giving away a jellyroll of Happy Camper. Now, doesn't that make YOU a happy camper? (sorry, my sense of humor is still on spring break). While you're there, check out the longarm quilting abilities of this gal--they're amazing! One of my favorites is Em's "Muertos" quilt:


2. Jaybird quilts has a complete list of blogs that (who?) are giving away things left and right! Some of it is, like, totally awesome dude!

3. I Have a Notion owner Kelly Jackson is celebrating her 1-year anniversary. She is giving away items EVERY DAY, March15-April 15. Niiiice!
I Have A Notion: Lets Spread The Word!!! Giveaways For A MONTH!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Supercute update

Patrick is wearing clothes and happy as a clam! He’s up to 3 lbs, 10 oz! He’s 3 weeks & 2 days old today, which would have been week 31 of Liz’s pregnancy.

Here he is with big brother Aidan. Seeing this, I have to sit down and surrender to the bigger, better meaning of life: to love and be loved in return.

**Two stars who will orbit one another forevermore; a perfect constellation**

Monday, March 15, 2010

GoGo Grocery Bag

Well now, this is interesting! I begged a friend to give me a copy of her pattern so that I could make this smashing reusable bag. She agreed, but only because I read every word on patterns (I like to think of it as being FOCUSED not anal retentive, thankyouverymuch!) and could act as a proofreader (a fancy title for--if I can do it, anyone can).

That said, the pattern is not yet for sale, but it’s definitely in the works! And, for those of you who are also FOCUSED, a lot of thought went into the pattern because it’s easy to read and goes together FAST! Here’s a photo of it closed and ready to travel, then a quick video of opening it. It is 16H X 14W X 7D (Niiiice!). If you are interested in the pattern, by all means, bug the crap out of Vicki! Tell her you NEED the GoGo Grocery Bag!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


This is a new web show! You can take a gander at this video for more information and then hop over to The DIY Dish to comment and win a Janome sewing or embroidery machine! (and yes, embedding the video in your blog=another ticket in the hat!) What’s that you say? I would sell my mother for a ticket in the hat? Let me think about that and I’ll get back to you. . .just kidding!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Eye Candy--Supercute and Sateen

Patrick is smiling! I can’t resist! The hospital said that he can wear clothes now--yeah! He's back on the oxygen but hopefully not too much longer.

This is Liz & Patrick “kangarooing”--how sweet they both look!

Oh, quilting eye candy! These are Taddle boxes—a baker’s dozen of 11-inch squares. As far as I know, they are only available at Tammy Tadd’s shop. She has all kinds but they’re only available in-store. What a shame, huh? So I purchased these 2 lovely batik boxes and I thought I’d make a version of Vicki’s quilt on black Kona.

I went to purchase some at Joann’s, but they were out. However, I did find this lovely royal purple/eggplant sateen. I hope this is okay to use ‘cause I’m smitten! If anyone knows of a reason why I shouldn’t . . . speak up!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Supercute update

Supercute is looking ready for the big leagues, weighing in at a whopping 3 lb., 1 oz. He’s grasping at the pacifier--if you can imagine one about the size of a pencil eraser!

For those of you who came here looking for quilting information and not just updates on my Hallmark-movie-of-the-week life, well, I suggest you head over to Jaybird quilts where every Tuesday she lists giveaways for the week!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Who Doesn't Love a Birdie Sling Bag?

Another Birdie Sling bag! This time it's made with Amy Butler's "Love" fabric line. You know how it goes-once you figure out the pattern, the next one is a heck of a lot easier. This one went together much better than the first thanks toJennie, who remarked, “I think you’re sewing that on upside down” at the sew-in. Wooops! If you link to her flickr page, you’ll see the birdie sling she made out of Laura Gunn’s "Poppy" line-it’s gorgeous!

This bag is for my Aunt who will be celebrating her 71stbirthday on March 20th.

Happy Birthday Aunt Bunnie! You’re gonna be stylin’!

Friday, March 5, 2010

An Pota Oir!

Tá mo bhríste trí thine!

There’s a lovely lady in Australia who’s giving away this most amazing quilt…

I’m not kidding! Link Banaghaisge’s giveaway to your blog, asap!

Not gaelic savvy?

Banaghaisge = The amazing feats and exploits of a woman

Tá mo bhríste trí thine = My pants are on fire

♥ Duff

Midday Update: Still feeling needy? Me too!

Link over to Em Celebrates and join her on a trek to Disneyland. Wait! You have to say that I sent ya--I get an extra ticket in the bucket! Em’s quilts are always awesome and “we regulars” love rides on the fun bus! Leave a comment and Em will take a photo—later you’ll see exactly where she was when you posted (sorta like sharing the ride with a friend, get it?!)

Bonus Round! You could win a miniature of this beauty:

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Celebrating......A wonder-FULL life!

Okay, well, it’s been an exciting week. Supercute update: Patrick is off the breathing apparatus as of today and doing very well on his own! These pictures are from yesterday when he was under the lamps—checkout his cool shades! Sad and cute, all at once.

In other news, a big smooch goes out to Em of Em Celebrates! If you aren’t following her blog, you’re missing out on one of the most uplifting and inspiring blogs out there! She posted a picture of a quilt and I (naughtily!) commented that it didn’t match her house and I would gladly take it off her hands.

She sent it to me. As a gift. In wrapping paper no less! Just a few days before that, my friend’s Mom was killed and I was having a very hard time with that news. Em’s quilt came and covered me like a big hug, just when I needed it most. It is an amazing quilt and I am reminded of how heart-full it is to have such a thought-full, joy-full, bliss-full, peace-full friend; a selfless act that renews one’s faith in the human condition. I wish she could have heard me catch my breath when I ripped the wrapping paper or laugh as I stared at it (mouth wide open!) incredulously. Here it is on my couch. Try to double-click on the pic for a closer view!

But wait, there’s more…Em sent a quilt for baby Patrick. This is Liz, the mom, with the quilt. She tearfully explained to me that it is the exact colors she had just chosen for the baby’s room. She was astounded that a stranger would send something so precious. And that my friends, is Em. She’s just awesome!