Friday, May 18, 2012

Quilt Festival

Wahoo! It's time again for the Bloggers' Quilt Festival from Amy's Creative Side

Amy's Creative Side

I'm entering this little quilt that brings me such great joy!

I really like this quilt because I allowed myself to be more imaginative and artistic than I've been in the past; it feels really good to let go and BE creative. No hands on this bike--not this time! 

It started out as a Swoon quilt but then I wanted to give it a more modern, less rigid feeling so I added random strips of coordinating colors.

After adding a grey border, it seemed static so I decided to encourage movement by giving the eye a few corner squares to follow: The grey keeps your eye moving around the quilt while the green pulls the center star out to the edges (and there's a few more giraffes to love!)

The quilting is a big X, then lines radiate out from the heart of the design.

The back is a simple wonky star in the lower left quadrant so that the quilting becomes the real focal point.

Giraffe Love in Lagoon by Michael Miller
Kona grey and teal solids
Yellow dots by Michele D'Amore, Bold and Beautiful line
Apple pindots by Micheal Miller, Garden Pindot line 
Play stripe in Lagoon by Michael Miller

As I've said before, I'm thrilled that this quilt will be going to a family who really appreciates a handmade gift--I hope it brings them as much happiness as their appreciation brings me!

I'd better get it in the mail--my cousin's wife is at the hospital today!   
**Update: It's a girl! 9 lbs, 12 oz, 22 inches long. Wahoo!

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cutting Charm Squares

I happen to like charm swaps and have figured out a way to produce 56 charm squares (5 X5) by making 10 cuts without moving the fabric. 
The only catch here is that you have to have a mat that is at least 20 X 20 and be cognizant of fabric movement to ensure accuracy. 
Here goes:
I've folded 1 yard of fabric onto itself so that overlaps at least 15 inches with a slight overhang on the left hand side (just to the left of 0).

Now I'm moving the fabric so it's easier for me to work with, but I will line up my fabric the same way, with the overhang about 1/8" on the left and bottom. I'll move my body to the side of the fabric and make the first 5 cuts:

I cut in this order so I am able to save the selvage

Then I go back to my original position and make the next 5 cuts

Totals for each pile of fabric; your 4 x 4 grid =56 charms
As you can tell, I am working on the left-hand side of my cutting mat. If you are right-handed/able to, put your fabric on the right-hand side of the cutting mat--move your body to the right side of the mat and cut from left to right. Go back to your original position and cut left to right again to complete the grid.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Well, finally! School is out, and I and get some real work done.

To wit, I attended the bi-annual quilt retreat with MissVicki two weeks ago. I love the way it always falls around my birthday…extra cupcakes and good friends….can you think of a better way to spend your day? Me neither. Oh, wait, there’s always the 6’4” blonde masseuse named Sven who wants to give me a deep tissue massage. Yeah, that’s better than cupcakes.

First up is an apron for my Aunt Patsy’s granddaughter. Patsy said, “Just whip something up. You know, with ruffles on the shoulders.” That “whipping up “thing doesn’t happen for me but okay, I’ll go for it. I had a basic idea and then just kept sewing…

  Next up, this pouch for my friend Lisa. Vicki was throwing away the edges from her strip quilt so I snagged them (dumpster diver!) and put them together to form the front patchwork. I thought I’d try the tutorial by Noodlehead. Yep, I like her style…I think I’m going to put her Go Anywhere Bag on my “to do” list.

Last, a quilt for my cousin Dan and his wife Colleen. The poor girl was due on the 7th and she’s still waiting for the baby to pop. I made this one a few years back and Colleen was so appreciative it was amazing. You know, when someone gushes that it’s a handmade gift and then sends you pictures at Christmas of the baby on her “favorite” quilt. Yep, those are the people to whom you say, “hey, when you’re crazy enough to pop out another one, let me know!”

It started with a Swoon block, and I let it develop organically from there; a special thanks to the retreat ladies who were supportive of my quilting without rules or a pattern! It’s still a little constrained, but I do like it and I was able to let myself BE creative. Ohm.