Monday, March 23, 2015

Tree Bird Blog Hop!

Good day my friends! 
Today's the last day of the Tree Bird Blog Hop brought to you by madame Samm♥ of Sew We Quilt

I like a fabric that works for both quilting or sewing, depending on my needs (and attitude at the moment). The Beautiful Birds collection by Tracy Lizotte for Elizabeth's Studio is one of those fabrics that allows the sewist to stretch her imagination. 

I decided to make dresses for my three nieces with big pockets for carrying everything from sticks to barrettes to dolls. It's still chilly in Chicago, but here's two of the cuties now:

Looks like those pockets are getting filled!

The third cutie is in size 18 months--just right for adjusting the pillow panel to make her dress (surprise!)

                               Finally, I used coordinating Beautiful Birds fabric for bias ties.

I love a good product review, don't you? 

I used to think my sewing machine had enough light, but once I tried the sewing machine LED lighting kit from Inspired LED I realized how "in the dark" I really was!
I've tried the stick-on bendable lights, but they tend to get in my line of vision and then got in the way when I wanted to cover my machine. The Inspired LED lighting system is unbelievably small (note the size of the dime in the photo), never gets in the way, and packs a wallop of light over the entire throat of your machine. I took these before and after shots in the dark. The after shot is much clearer and brighter on the fabric:


kit contents: light strip (with adhesive), on/off switch, clips, and ac adapter.

Here's a list of today's Tree Bird Blog Hop participants:

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

It's about time I get back into the swing of things. Your Our friend, Madame Samm of Sew We Quilt, reminded me that balance in life is a good thing. I've been way too immersed in work and leaving no time for play. So, I'm ready to start playing again! And I'm so excited to be able to do with all of my old friends at Sew We Quilt. Sew We Quilt bloggers are always so supportive and loving that I can hardly wait to get creative. Or at least tell me I'm creative, will ya??!! ♥ 

The Tree Bird Hop will happen March 13-23. See you then sweet friends!