Monday, September 17, 2012

Hello fellow blog hoppers!
I hope you're ready for another version of dots-gone-wild this week!

Well, I started to pull fabrics for my project when a zap of inspiration hit me squarely between the eyes. 
I had been thinking about my friend Carrie at Believemagic and how much I like her art quilts--they're amazing! 
Then I had an idea for an art quilt of my own. And yes, it looks suspiciously like hers, but as the saying goes....imitation is the greatest form of flattery.  So I reached for some red dot fabric and got to work...

feel free to click on it for a closer look, but in case your'e wondering, the text I sewed to it reads, 

 "She Fell in Love with the Words"
piques your interest, no?
-could be that I love French words
-could be that I love text prints
-could be that someone told me lies
-could be that I love words in general (think about English-26 letters form thousands of words and countless books, all different like fingerprints!)
-could be a little of all of them...

 I had another thought to make a happy wall hanging. It's not quilted yet, but you get the idea:

The best part about this project is no pattern. It's a technique by Mary Lou Weidman called Hoochy Mama piecing. (really? Does naming a technique get much better?) 
Sometimes it's wholly liberating to just start creating--this book is excellent for helping you to let go.

In the spirit of everybody-and-my-mother loves a giveaway, I'd like to offer up a copy of Mary Lou's book so you can 'get your dots on' in the comfort of your own home!

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Now it's on to the rest of the lineup for today. If this is your last stop then thanks for visiting!

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