Monday, June 7, 2010

Today's blocks

Okay, I made 3,4, and 5! Still not 100% on the color combinations for others, but I sure like them! I'd be happy to keep them all if no one wants 'em--that's a new feeling for me ♥

click for a closeup☼


  1. I am really opening my eyes to the glory of orange. I LOVE that last block!!! The swap sounds like fun and a great idea, too - can't wait to see what you end up with!

  2. Those things? Oh girl, there is no way anyone is going to like those, you'd better just send them to me. But you'd have to make them into a quilt for me first since I don't quilt myself. I'll take one for the team. ;0

  3. These are great! My fav is definitely the last one...I am loving any orange/green/yellow combinations lately.

  4. Like them all but love, love love the last one! Well done!

  5. All of these blocks in your two posts are so, sooo awesome! I don't know if it's a log cabin quilt block, and I'm way too lazy to click that link, do the research, and then post, but this is exactly the kind of quilt I love. Your lines are way straighter than mine.

    I must confess to being a cheap ass when it comes to buying fabric of any sort so I'm always scared to do swaps since I know I'll inevitably chintz. I like to think that I more than make up for it in my packaging and love notes I tuck in there... kinda like wrapping a turd in pretty paper makes it OK. I've just not made enough quilts to get the whole concept of buying the nice stuff. Besides the coolness factor of the designer's asthetic, is the quality really worth the $5/yard more I'm spending?

  6. K, did the research and am now back. So it's not a log cabin but a bento box... gotcha. Man, I should participate in this swap! Only 1 1/4 yard of fabric total is needed, so I could pop the cash, but oh the time. Yowza, I need to just stop. Your stuff is rad though...



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