Thursday, October 7, 2010

What the...and a giveaway

It's been crazy around here so I've been remiss about posting. Well, it was a really good crazy so that's just fabulous!
As some of you may know, Jennie (Sunflower quilts) is officially divorced. She asked me top help her move, store her things at my house, and live here until the divorce was final. A whopping 21 days after she walked into a lawyer's office and wha-la, she left this morning for New York. We thought it would take a couple months and  Jennie kindly offered up her grand quilter in exchange for the above-mentioned list. In actuality, she was only here for 2 weeks, long enough for us to become better friends and wine-drinking, hot-tub goddesses.  And she cooked--homemade bread, pasta primavera with shrimp, meat get the idea...all yummy stuff that doesn't come from a box. She's an awesome cook. And she cleaned, too. Dream roommate. She's got (lifetime) free room and board here. And then some. And she still threw in the grand quilter. How lucky can one gal be? Now you know.  

Yesterday Jennie gave me my first lesson on the GQ, so I thought I'd share some of the photos. I'm absolutely giddy with this thing. Like a first kiss, it's heavenly and I never want the love affair to end! Yesterday I tried 2 lines following a pantograph and then today I went for it again:

2 lines of flowers (following a pantograph) 

Some free-hand swirls

Next, a few stone/pebbles

Not too shabby for my second day, huh?
Thanks again, Jennie, you're the shiznit!

Seeing as I'm such a lucky gal, I thought I'd spread the love with some Christmas fabric.
Leave a comment before next Friday (10/15) if you'd like to win this scrap bag of Adoring by Sandy Gervais. Essentially, it's a jelly roll with various widths of the line--2 to 3 1/2 inches wide.


  1. wahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is his/her name?

  2. Sounds like a fun time, too bad the visit wasn't longer.

    Anyways, it's good to hear from you after such a long hiatus.

  3. Now that's a roommate to "adore". What generosity she has! Thank you for being generous yourself at a chance for the fabric :)
    nsue21702 at gmail dot com

  4. the pebbles...U R a lucky girl!!

  5. Good to see you again. You have a wonderful heart and you're quilting is awesome. Love the fabric. Take care

  6. I'll be bringing my tops over for you to get quilted, so keep practicing woman. Voila, no w in it.

  7. It sounds like you each have a great and wonderful friend!

  8. I'm visiting from Jennie's blog - nice to meet you :) Lucky devil you are with the quilting machine!! Good thing for technology - it sounds like you two are good friends and you can still keep in touch. Thanks for a chance to win SG's fabric - I love her style :)

  9. Come over from Jennie's blog too to see the blog of this lovely friend she describes! It is great to know that friends like you, who are there when a friend needs them exist!

  10. Finally the connection... Duff/Michele are one and the same! It's gonna be fun to watch you check out the grand quilter! Thanks for the chance!

  11. What a great friend you are! Your first quilting attempts are awesome! Thanks for the give away!

  12. It's at moments like that that you really need your friends - good for both of you .... and it seems for us as well ;-). I looove Sandy G's fabrics!

  13. It sounds like you and Jennie are lucky to have each other as friends!

    I have no idea what a grand quilter is, but I doubt that you can go wrong when it has quilt in the name :-)


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