Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Giveaway! (For US & Canada)

Okay, so I'm ready!! I have two reusable pouches from Stephanie at Sand and Starfish--one large (sandwich) size and the other small (snack) size. I have been using them for a few weeks now and I've noticed that they keep my snacks fresh for up to 6 days. There are no downsides other than my students now know that I'm packin' and they're all interested to taste-test my snacks. I keep them in my purse and haven't had any problems with leakage or crumbs. So, I have to say...


As you are probably already aware, BPA, or "Bisphenol A [is a] chemical commonly found in canned soup and food storage plastics is also used in some plastic wrap and plastic sandwich bags."  (Greenhouse Neutral Foundation).  In a sentence: BPA is a health concern (in lab testing, caused birth defects!) and so far, there are no limits on the amount of BPA in certain items. I'm sure you've seen "BPA free" on newer water bottles--this is what they're talking about.  

1. These bags are cute as can be and fully lined.
2. I packed an entire bag of Chex Mix (8.75 oz) in the big one (to share, of course)
3. No leakage or crumbs so they're safe in your purse.
4. The small bag is about 2 inches bigger than a snack-size baggie.
5. The large size is a little bigger than a sandwich-size baggie.
6. Comes with easy care instructions.
7. No BPA
8.  It's time to stock up on reusable pouches! 

To get you started, Stephanie is graciously offering 2 snack bags to one lucky reader! Terms and conditions:
 1. You must visit Sand and Starfish and then comment, telling me about an item from her shop that you just adore!
2. You must live in the US or Canada (sorry international friends!) & if you're a no-reply blogger, leave an email address!
3. Giveaway ends Saturday, December 4, at midnight.
3. That's it. You don't have to follow, give up your first-born, or do circus tricks. Yeah, that's another giveaway...


  1. You can send those my way! I always have homemade snacks in my purse for my kids because I'm a "granola" as one mother called me at play group the other day. I guess it's bad that I try to feed my kids healthy (seriously, shame on me!). I've been looking for something like this to house my yummies in. I'm all over anything reusable and handmade like this and I can't say I like one item over the other in her shop.

  2. I really like the Large Reusable Pouch - Classy Lady.
    jentam777 at gmail dot com

  3. What great sized bags! I like the Large reusable - Summer to fall bag the best.

    Thanks for a great giveaway & Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I like the large reusable pouch in rainbow bright. Thanks for the giveaway. Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. ...omg...i just made some of these....I'm perfecting my pattern right now!

  6. I love her big sea horse applique made out of cassette tape fabric! Brilliant. Thanks for the giveaway chance Michele! I should get busy and make some of these bags, but I can't stand sewing with velcro....

  7. First of all I love the accent fabrics that Stephanie uses - fun and fabulous!! I would love a mouse pad! Secondly, I live in Canada - we are getting buried in snow! Woo Hoo!

  8. Hey Michele - I'm so impressed by your blog site. And that you share so much information and stuff! I like the large reusable pouch because Jer and I are always trying to find ways to store without using plastic. Happy Thanksgiving! Don't eat too much roast....

  9. I'm liking the peace sign idea, those pouches!

  10. HOw dang cute are these bags and her store is so fun! I love the peace sign applique. Happy Quilt Retreat day, Ms. D!

  11. Ohhhhh yes indeed I'll leave a comment. I really like the composition books...these one's
    Notebook 2 Pack - Multi Paisley / Black with Flowers

    They are vey pretty. The seahorses were fun too :)


  12. I like her scraps. Im addicted okay and Im a new follower of your blog cause your funny Thanks

  13. Hey I loved the covered composition books! But those snack bags! Too neat!

  14. Those would work perfectly for my snacks. The heck with the kids... they'll probably end up throwing them away on accident anyways.

  15. You want me to choose one thing that I like more than the others??? That's a difficult task, but I am slightly partial to all of the seahorse appliques. They all look so cute!

  16. ah! I saw these and thought you were just advertising someone else's giveaway... not hosting it!

    I would love them. I'm sure you'll believe me when I tell you I always carry snacks with me.

  17. I love the fabric covered mouse pads.


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