Sunday, June 5, 2011

Oh Mama!

Okay, so I've got lots to show you here. I felt particularly inspired to create one day so I finished the batik strip quilt. Pattern: My Colors Went Wild

On the same day, I made an apron for me because I sold my original. This is the 11th one (got my money's worth on this pattern!) and I love the fabrics. Specifics:
Chatterbox apron pattern by Mary Mulari.
The main fabric: It's Hoot by Momo for Moda, In Flight in Sky,
Accent fabric is Sugar Pop by Liz Scott for Moda, Dot Dot Dot in Eggplant.

double click for close-up!

Garage sale finds:
pink is unused pillow case and yellow is a handmade half apron-50 cents each!

Vintage tablecloths still in the package? Are you kidding?! The one on the left has matching napkins too. $1 each! 
OH, AND LOOK! A MAGIC 8 BALL, RIGHT? WRONG! It's a freaky sarcastic ball!
  "Will I win the lottery?"
Okay, fine! "Are you RUDE?"
Forget it. "Will I marry John Cusack or what?!"

Answers that I guess! What deals have you gotten lately?


  1. OMG a sarcastic fortune ball???? Are you kidding me? I LOVE that sashiko patterned vintage table cloth, what a score. Your projects are great - the colour quilt and apron both look fantastic. Have fun quilting.

  2. You have been busy miss. Love your fabrics and apron and your sarcastic fortune ball!

  3. That quilts rocks. Makes me think of some great fabric I go the other day, you have to check out their stuff, there's a link from my blog if you want to. Anyways the quilt is beyond gorgeous. You do such great work. And that apron, still like it, what a great pattern.

    Busted out with the fortune ball being one with sass, does that suit you or what?! hahaha.

    I'm loving that table cloth still in the package. What a great little print on it. Those other finds are awesome too. Have any specific plans for any of them?

  4. only you could find a sarcastic fortune ball!!!!! I love your batik quilt and love that we were working with batiks simultaneously!!!!!!!!!!! SO fun missy! Love, Em

  5. Love it all! The quilt is fantabulous!!! I can't believe you actually found an unused pillowcase and tablecloths in the package. I've never seen such a thing! You go hunter-gatherer girl!

  6. Love your finds! Love a great deal- especially ones in packages- my oh my!
    Quilt looks lovely as does the apron. Busy busy! :)

  7. Funny "8 ball" makes you keep a good sense of humor about life. Maybe you were meant ot hook up with Brad Pitt instead? Or George? LOVE the color in the batiks. Do you really wear the too cute apron??? :)

  8. The sarcasm is obvious from that fortune ball! I love your batik quilt...I am a batik fan for sure!


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