Friday, August 31, 2012

HA! I finished one thing as part of Quilter in the Gap's Finish-Along
Here it is in all its blazing glory:

The Ghastlies Tablerunner. **Ta-da!** It's completely done and ready for fall...whew!

I'm happy that I set a goal and accomplished it. I rock. Actually, Rhonda rocks for putting this finish-along together. Yeah.

School's started so I'm completely booked...I hope you're enjoying the Indian Summer as much as I am! Time flies....

Hey! If you haven't heard already, Madame Samm coordinates amazing blog hops over at Sew We Quilt.
Bowls with borders just ended but Dots on Dots is going to start up on September 10th.
See you there!!


  1. Love having a finish!! What a great project!!

  2. this turned out fabio! Way to get something knocked off the list before you dove in head first into school.

  3. YAY You!!! Its gorgeous and what a fun, fun runner!! Great job for you and great feeling that has to be :) Thank you for sharing the finished project, Duff. Wendy

  4. Way to use your Ghastlies. I've got a chunk that is awaiting inspiration! Good luck with all things back to school!

  5. Was this your day for dots Duff...? someone had you on their schedule...welll i love the runner..well done ...

  6. rhonda does rock, i on the other hand do not. i am so behind in everything. oh well... hope you are doing well and that school isn't too crazy for you right now! xoxo

  7. also, i love your runner! those ghastlies are so awesome!

  8. Oh I do love Ghastlies!! Remember the blog hop last year?!! I still have a quilt to finish from that blog hop!!
    Gmama Jane

  9. Where did you get that fabulous material???? I'm guessing it is called Ghastlies but can you tell me what store you got it from.

    Marj in Mexico


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