Wednesday, January 30, 2013

You're full of bologna!

I’m starting to like my new home in Paducah, Kentucky. It’s at least 10 degrees warmer than Chicago and that is absolute spoiling at its best. However, I also have some doubts….

What is this you ask? Obviously, it’s jarred pickled bologna in the refrigerated section of the supermarket. Where might you find it? Oh, between the jarred pickled eggs and sauerkraut, where else?
BTW: $6.89 for a pound of bologna?

 Well, maybe, because after all, this is
oh wait, need a close-up?

At the same store I bought this item but didn't think much of it until put two and two together. You guessed it; there aren't any nursing homes in Paducah.

The worst part is that I cooked it for my son this evening, after showing him the package and giving him a blank stare. He did get the joke and reported that it was “disgusting” before walking away.  

He has a sensitive stomach so I thought I’d ask how he was doing after eating the entire pound of sausage and 10 biscuits (biscuits and gravy, his favorite!)

Me: Any residual effects from dinner?

Son: Other than wanting to eat dinner at 5 and then head to bed for the night at 5:30, no.

Me: (Mockingly) “you’re disgusting”

Son: Do we have any Depends adult undergarments?

Please note that I share these things for the laugh value, not to make myself feel bigger by putting others down. Here's my mantra:


  1. Egggcellent! My mom moved to KY a few years back (just "down the road a piece" from Paducah), and we were startled by some of the grocery items when she first arrived, too. I am still mystified by the HUGE variety of bologna that is sold in the grocery near her house. :)

  2. Very thought provoking mantra :)
    Wishing you and your family the best of luck in your new home and career.

  3. Oh how I miss that sausage! It is not brand a brand stocked here. It makes great biscuits and gravy. So jealous.

  4. You're lucky to be living in Paducah. Now you're close to Hancock's of Paducah and you can easily attend the AQS Quilt Show which is April 24-27.

  5. I love all of the strange pickled things in the south! Okay, I should clarify, I love looking at all of the strange pickled things available in the south. I am not much of a sampler. Those eggs you see at filling stations kind of make my stomach turn. There is a whole history to pickling meat in the south (archaeologist Sarah turning on), probably not appropriate to share here, but those bologna bites come from a long lineage of pickled meats. The old folks, not so much we hope! :)

  6. Two words: pickled okra. Okay, that's four but you haven't lived 'til you've eaten that...yummy!!

  7. Your posts almost always make me giggle! I've purchased that sausage before and I'll be standing in the grocery aisle laughing the next time I see it and think about buying it... plus, all the other shoppers will get a scare as they see me there laughing.

    I did not know that Claussen makes sauerkraut! They make my favorite pickles! Anyway, I will have to be alert to see if I can find their sauerkraut!

  8. Can you prove where your mother is right now? I can give you my mom's address....

  9. So funny! You live in Paducah? Awesome. I came down to the show two years ago and had a ball. Pretty big change from Chicago to land in hillbilly heaven. LOL

  10. ok I will laugh with you...I am not a bologna girl..but pickled egads lol
    sounds like you are enjoying your new home...

  11. Ugh! Pickled bologna? I'll pass. LOL! I love the humor you share with your family laughs about the dumbest things sometimes, too.

  12. I know this is an old post, but I just ran across this blog. But I wanted to let you know that I LOVE pickle bologna! My parents grew up in Casey county KY and pickle bologna was a staple in our house. However you can't get the good stuff here in IN, so everytime we make a trip to KY for reunions we grab a gallon jar of pickle bologna to split when we get home. Its so tastey on a cracker! YUMM! LOL!


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