Friday, November 20, 2009

Oooh, finally. some quilting.

I went to Prairie Shop Quilts in Batavia, IL, yesterday and met the nicest shop owner--Bonita. She helped me pick out some fabrics for a quilt that I plan to make for my mother. I hear my conscience saying, "good luck with that. have you ever finished a quilt?" Well, yes and no. I have, but only small ones for baby showers and a tote here or jacket there. That's really it.

But things are a changin' baby!

Here is a photo of the fabrics for Mom's quilt. I had a photo of her sofa so I pulled the colors from that and then tried to add a more modern flare with the Amy Butler patterns. Why? Because Mom has these awesome sequined pillows on the plainest chair you've ever seen. She's like that--you just never know when a sparkle is going to fly. Yes, I'm talking about decorating as well as her personality. There's a heck of a lot going on beneath the surface and then, voila, out comes something unexpected and completely full of excitement. Always a treat! I hope this quilt turns out the same way.

So we'll see what happens and how fast it goes.

The other thing I did today was get a haircut from T., my enlightened friend and most excellent hair stylist. I needed something new. . . Agent F was right about that: When a woman cuts her hair--look out!-- it means she's looking for a change. So, T. cut off (gulp) 4 inches after cutting 3 two weeks ago. It's up to my shoulders now. I look like an adult. scary!

Here's some good info for future use:
I am going to refer to people in my life by the title "Agent" and then his or her first initial. Except me. Because usually I don't refer to myself in 3rd person. And anyway, I'm strange agent (see profile) so that just doesn't work.
Hey, brainstorm! I will post pictures and perhaps tell family secrets until they leave a comment.
The lineup:
Agent J= younger sister
Agent K= older sister
Agent B= girl friend
Agent F= male friend
Agent A= my fav teenager

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  1. Is mom's sofa really those colors?? I thought it was more just green and purple....or was that red and black...tee hee!! :) (red and black would be full size!)


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