Sunday, November 15, 2009


I've decided to make a blog because
A. I need a place to put all my quilting information and
B. I want to share what I'm doing with family and friends.
I'm hoping that if I make my hobby a public thing I'll feel more inspired to keep going. Oh, and I can post pictures of my family members for everyone in the world to see. You've heard of Irish yoga, right?

Are you wondering where the name "Bacon Then Eggs" comes from? It stems from a discussion about me snagging the bacon before the eggs were done cooking. What can I say? I like my bacon hot off the griddle. This "discussion" came up more times than was really reasonable and always ended with "It's called bacon and eggs not bacon then eggs!"

There you have it. 'Bacon Then Eggs' is my mantra for doing things my way. I'm going to dive into life, take chances, and find the joy before it's all over.

Oh yeah, and no one's going to tell me in what order I should eat my breakfast foods ever again. Just try it and I'll toss you out like last night's Chinese.

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