Thursday, April 8, 2010

That's one unhappy buck-a-roo!

Have you ever had one of those friends who seems to just bring out the crazy in you? Someone who makes you laugh, again and again? This person is my Aunt Maureen. She laughs so easily and has the silliest sense of humor! Once we get started, the one-liners just keep a-comin’. After a while they’re not even funny but we just keep at it until we’ve obliterated the subject. Today, though, it’s this picture that we cannot get enough of; meet Isaiah, my nephew’s youngest son. His facial expression is hilarious to me. If you think so too, you might like the running one-liners Aunt Moe and I came up with…(and by all means, this is a joke.)


1. NO, I’m not the friggin’ Easter Bunny.

2. Maybe he got a whiff of that rug he is wearing…………

3. Hey Poncho! Hey Cisco!

4. Hey…someone cut a hole in an old used saddle blanket and made me a top……

5. Is someone missing a dog bed?? Are these flea bites on my face??

6. Would someone please take these Nazi arm bands off????

7. Is this a wac-a-mole in a couch?

8. Just call me Serape Sam….

9. Oh Darn!!!!!!!!! I have no arms!!!!!!!!!

10. Clint Eastwood’s little brother Clod.

11. Why do I always have to wear the ass-end of this horse costume?

12. Okay Uncle Tom, I rolled my sourpuss in glue and now you want me to put the dog hair where?

13. I got your tickets to the gun show Right Here!

14. Oh Scarlet, your gown is so rustic!

15. It’s Yosemite Shortpants and he’s packin’ heat!

16. Now announcing Barry MANTLE-LOW

17. The Caped Crapper

18. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits!

19. What skid marks?

20. Where's the truck that ran over me?

21. The Caped Crusaders' sidekick. . . Guano!

22. An unhappy buck-a-roo!

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