Saturday, April 17, 2010

Jennie and I went attended the International Quilt Festival/Chicago 2010 at the Stephens Center today. Here are a few pics of quilts that struck a chord in me. One click on the photo will give you a better view:

[above]My Stash at 50 (aka Log Cabin with Attitude) by Karen Eckmeier of CT. Here she is celebrating her 50th birthday by using only fabric from her stash and each block had to contain 24 different fabrics. Even the points have beading!
[above]Oh, for Henna's Sake by Michelle Reasoner of TX. In this quilt she is honoring the beauty of the art of henna tattooing, in a way that can be seen and enjoyed for generations.

[above] Circle of Friendship by Margie Davidson of Canada. This quilt expresses the physical representation of the friendship between quilters. It incorporates fabrics and the hand print of each quilter in their group. "Quilting is the thread that brings us together as we grow through the seasons of the year."

[above]Crocus is an original design by Maggie Weiss of Evanston, IL. This is torn silk and then layers of fused fabrics (cotton, organza, silk). She captured the crocus

from many different angles with her camera and then used her prior knowledge of collage to design this piece. She conducts classes on silkscreening so we are hoping that the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild will be able to host her at one of our meetings. This quilt is truly amazing!

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