Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hope I didn't mess this up...

Working on the ICE project for another quilt guild member. Today I sewed on the stars and then outlined them in metallic turquoise. I cut them out after sewing them on to maintain a wonkiness--man, was that hard! I wanted to cut them out perfectly beforehand but forced myself to abstain. I stamped the words and then cut them out with a plan to outline in turquoise metallic or clear. I haven't sewn them on yet because I am not sure if I like how this is coming along. Feeling nervous. I am still going to embellish with some crystals. I can't decide if the words should be in straight lines or not. something's funky but I can't put my finger on it. are the words too big? I bought the smallest stamps the craft store had. yeesh. help!!  any ideas?
the star:
the words a little off center?
straight words?

words more off center and closer together?



  1. My humble opinion is that your star rocks! How gorgeous is that?! Words, I like the way they look when they are a little off center best. It won't show imperfections the same way but leaves it a little artistic without being too wonky.

  2. I pick the third option....its going to look great no matter what!

  3. It looks great so whatever you do will work.

  4. This is so cool!!! I like the first photo that shows the words. AND btw, I am so totally going to check out the 'design your own' keep calm and carry on poster thingy!

  5. Can you imagine how much I love your wonkiness? WAHOO!!!! I love the words crooken or however you want them will be fab! That outlining looks tough!!!! NIce job, Mrs. D!

  6. Definately off center... it's gonna look great!


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