Thursday, April 21, 2011

Where does the time go?

*Note: there's a link to a giveaway at the end you won't want to miss!*
I joined the Sew Sweetness sew-a-long. Here's the flickr group to see all the fabulous fabric choices. 

I don't know what this material is, but it's really silky, flowy, and made an incredible mess with fraying. Even the pins slid out before I could get the seams sewn. Oh, never again!
Cotton would have been a much better choice--there's my recommendation in case you decide to try this dress. It went together rather quickly and the instructions were easy to follow. Yes, a beginner could make it.  

  The last time I made something truly wearable was a prom dress back in '87 so this was pretty trippy. Speaking of trippy, I think the dress matches my official summer shoes quite nicely. 
And bonus! I'm about 6 feet tall! 

And here's a link to a generous blog! iCandy handmade is hosting a you-pick-'em, 5-yard giveaway from Raspberry Creek Fabrics.


  1. Hi Duff - impressed at your sewing ability, I have never been able to pay attention to detail enough to sew clothes. I appreciate your size 11 support!!! When I looked at your profile, I had to laugh at your enjoyment of spooking little kids on Halloween - as my boys outgrew the collecting candy excitement, frightening others has become sooooo much fun! :) THANKS for the support, I'm gonna follow you too!

  2. My the dress looks fabulous! LOVE it! Happy Easter to you!!!

  3. You are so brave to tackle a dress! Love it, and the fabric. Simply maarrrvelous darling!

  4. Love the dress! And you look absolutely fantastic!! You inspire me...

  5. Very impressive sewing going on here!! AND very BRAVE sewing with the fabric choice!! :) I tend to use a Teflon foot anytime I have to sew "slippy" or "sticky" fabric..saves my sanity. Can that qualify as a random thing about me since I forgot to put one for the giveaway??!! Hope I don't get disqualified!! ;)


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