Thursday, July 7, 2011

The I-almost-missed-your-birthday apron

My Aunt Pat's birthday is coming up. I was all set to start making her a retro apron this weekend until I realized at about 10pm last night that her birthday is this Saturday. Yes, I pulled out the fabric and went to work!

I made this pattern once before so I knew it was child's play until the bias binding neckline.

The pattern is "My Mom's Favorite Apron" from Sew Simple Patterns (click on the title for a nice big photo). See how cute that is when it's on your body?

Of course it's reversible! 
Red = Let's Play (Plaid with floral red) for Benartex
Blue = Hankie Club by Whister Studios Style (mini dots blue) for Windham Fabrics

By 1:30am the last thing I wanted to do was hand stitch bias binding, so I utilized a fast & fabulous method from Accio Fabric! (If Vicki would just upload a freaking tutorial I could link straight to it! hint! hint!)
Check out these results--a perfect seam on one side and cute top stitching on the reverse. 

Well, this beauty was done by 2am and at the post office by 8:30 (this is when the postal worker told me that it wouldn't go out until 4 pm and my lip curled as I growled at her). Thankfully, it is scheduled to arrive on Saturday! Happy Birthday Aunt Pat!

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  1. Lovely gifty!!! And just wanted to let you know my gifty arrived yesterday, too! I just hope hubs doesn't laugh at me - he's only seen cotton at bedtime for 20 years. No telling what might happen!

  2. love that apron! i haven't made one for awhile, I may need to dust off my pattern and whip one out... maybe it would inspire me to cook dinner?

  3. I love this style of apron. I was just using some aprons over the weekend, and I wasn't really pleased...pocket too high, etc... Plus, really I sometimes use them to make sure I don't spill food on my nice clothes when I'm eating (so in that case, I guess the pocket doesn't matter) :-) It's a long story...

  4. I've been galavanting around your blog. Such cute things here!! So much inspiration, too! I like. I now follow :o)

  5. I love thee style of aprons...They are so cute!

  6. You know - you could almost name this the Let's Play Hankie Apron. If you really wanted to. Which you do.

  7. Your aprons are adorable! Your lucky Aunt Pat!

  8. Totallly cute! I love the way it turned out.

  9. Oh Goodness, this is my all time favorite apron pattern! I got over that neckline real easy, make 1/4" snips all around a well pressed and starched neckline, turn it under so it is even and topstitch it down,fast and easy, I press and starch before cutting of course.The very narrow bias tape works best for me, being the turning curves are so hard to fit right. And I LOVE that big pocket. I have made,maybe 15 at last in the last few years! Wonderful to see someone else who loves it too!


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