Saturday, July 23, 2011

Life on the Clothesline

Hey! Are clotheslines your thing? Jeannie over at "Life on the (Clothes) Line" profiles bloggers and their clothesline on a regular basis, along with household tips & tricks, and family tales & recipes. This week, she's asked me to talk about my love affair with clotheslines so if you want, feel free to swing by and say hi!

Life on the (Clothes) Line

Thanks, Jeannie, for featuring me this week!


  1. I trotted over and read your interview. Kewl! My mom always hung out the wash. I love the smell, too. I only have a dryer.
    Thanks for all your comments on CBGP! I really appreciate all your kind words.

  2. Wow I had no idea! I learned something about you today. I don't use the clothes line as my dog that the items were all her to play with and when the wind blew she barked and barled as if they were going to come after her. And thanks for not hanging up the undies as my neighbor does...

  3. I LOVE my clothesline (but the kids won't shower if the towels have been dried outside because they are just too crispy). The best part of my clothesline is the squeaking when I'm rolling the clothes out. Music to my energy efficient ears.

  4. Poppyprint - A great way to avoid the crunchy towel issue is to throw the clothes and towels into the dryer for 5 minutes after you take them in from the line. Softens them right up!

    And, I'd love to feature you and your line on my blog if you're interested!

  5. I can't say my clothes smell any better on the line than in the dryer. The sweetest smell is probably the savings that come from not having a dryer any more.


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