Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cutting Charm Squares

I happen to like charm swaps and have figured out a way to produce 56 charm squares (5 X5) by making 10 cuts without moving the fabric. 
The only catch here is that you have to have a mat that is at least 20 X 20 and be cognizant of fabric movement to ensure accuracy. 
Here goes:
I've folded 1 yard of fabric onto itself so that overlaps at least 15 inches with a slight overhang on the left hand side (just to the left of 0).

Now I'm moving the fabric so it's easier for me to work with, but I will line up my fabric the same way, with the overhang about 1/8" on the left and bottom. I'll move my body to the side of the fabric and make the first 5 cuts:

I cut in this order so I am able to save the selvage

Then I go back to my original position and make the next 5 cuts

Totals for each pile of fabric; your 4 x 4 grid =56 charms
As you can tell, I am working on the left-hand side of my cutting mat. If you are right-handed/able to, put your fabric on the right-hand side of the cutting mat--move your body to the right side of the mat and cut from left to right. Go back to your original position and cut left to right again to complete the grid.

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  1. excellent info duff! xo i especially love that fabric!


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