Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A new bag for moi!

Have you heard about the
Sew Sweetness
over at Sew Sweetness?  There are pattern reviews and giveaways every day!

I’ve been itching to make this pattern, the Go Anywhere Bag from Anna of Noodlehead, for quite some time.

The one thing that threw me was that there was no “finished size” measurement anywhere on the pattern, so I was just hopeful that it would fit all my baggage. OH wait, there’s not a bag big enough for that…..but at (flat) 16 X 13 (at shortest point) and about 12" strap drop, it holds a bunch of everyday items.

This is the first time I’ve tried one of her patterns and I really liked it—the directions were clear and concise. The longest part is fusing all the interfacing (urgh). I used Pellon 101 which is a fusible woven (essentially it’s a piece of thin fabric with glue on one side) and wow, I’ll be using it from now on—it gives the fabric nice shape without being stiff (wait for the sale at Joann’s and stock up!).

The front has three pockets and the back has one pocket (full width). I even made piping for the first time. I wasn't really sure how to do that so I just guessed--I threw some fabric around... 

That's right, twine. Hey, it worked. Nicely.

This is the inside--three more pockets. I made them from a strip of leftover fabric and just sewed the edges into the side seam--easy!

Outer pockets & straps: Florine in Dusted Plum, Echo line by Lotta Jansdotter
Main body of bag & inside pockets: Illusion in Pink, 1001 Peeps line by Lizzy House
Lining & piping: purple iridescent pindots, Lakehouse Drygoods by Holly Holderman (this is from stash--I doubt there's any more to be found) 


  1. Your bag looks great! I put in for the giveaway today for this pattern plus more...fx that maybe I will win :) I am really enjoying all of the different reviews so far.

    I agree, the SF 101 is almost always my interfacing of choice for bags and such.

  2. I've been eyeing that bag too. You did a great job and making your own piping???!!! wow. brave.

  3. Your new bag is gorgeous!!! I love the fabrics you chose! :)

  4. Your bag is fabulous!!! You'll get lots of compliments when you're out and about with it on your shoulder. Great fabric choices! I recently bought a Noodlehead bag pattern which I'm looking forward to making soon...

  5. great idea using go if ever you need some very thick stuff, I have a bit of it wink..

  6. Fabulous! It may not hold all your luggage but doesn't a girl still need a purse for a trip? Oh yah, I do think she does!

  7. totally in love with it! Love your fabrics and i agree with you on the pellon 101, it is the best! xo

  8. I love you're creativity! Twine....who'da thought? haha Beautiful work!
    P.s...oh...and somehow I got traffic to my shop via your blogspot...I have no idea how that happened, but thank you Duff! =)

  9. What a neat bag! Great idea to use sound like me.......use what you have on hand!


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