Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Not a quilt but neat nonetheless

I just returned from Mexico and brought home some new items for my Dia de los Muertos collection (click on each photo for a better view):

Left: "Amor Eterno"  A couple who love one another even after death (definitely my favorite theme).
Center: A shadow box with multi-colored heads.
Right: A hand-carved wooden heart that was covered with metallic gold paint and a "thorn of crowns" cut from metal that was nailed to the wood and extends about 1/2" from the piece.  

A painted ceramic skull. The top has birds, a common theme in Mexican artwork. This skull sits atop a tea light for a glowing experience.

The newest addition to dead dogs and cats. This male perro is wearing a Columbian headdress complete with feathers and an arrow in his mouth. This piece is about 4 inches long--I love the attention to detail.

The other perro y gato.
 Center: Dog wearing a flowered hat while clutching a bird.
Right: Cat with purple polka-dot fish.

I have other shadowboxes,etcetera so if anyone is interested in seeing more Mexican art, let me know.

Thanks for your interest, Sweet Limes! Here is what I have on the theme of eternal love:

These are hand-painted postcards (on something akin to watercolor paper--way too thin to actually send) of couples dancing and singing together after death. (I have them in thin plastic sleeves; that is the reflection)

A close-up of the box--you can see that their heads are smaller than my thumbnail. The bride and groom in their casket are as happy dead as they were they day they married.

This is a shadowbox of the bride a groom with the ferryman on their way to the other side together.

 Note how the moon on the right is unhappy to see them leave our world, but there is an angel on the other side to welcome them. The background is blue glitter with gold stars. (Sorry about the camera flash glare!)


  1. Man oh man you got some great stuff girl. If what you brought back says anything about your trip you had an awesome time. :)

    Can you post a close up of the couple who still love one another even after death? I love the idea of that and would like a closer sneak peek.

  2. Love these all of these treasures!

  3. OMG, after death. I thought that was the deal breaker, damn.

  4. Loved seeing everything...They are all neat!

  5. Duff, I had not idea that you are a day of the dead collector also! You were keeping secret from me!!!!!!!!! Oh how I love your finds and wish I had been shopping with you! Love, EM

  6. Totally love your Dia de los Muertos collection! I especially amo los Perros y Gatos.

  7. I love learning new things about you! How did you become interested in collecting the Dia de los Muertos items. The shadow boxes and the cats/dogs totally intrigue me.

  8. I love the black and white skull and especially love the cats and dogs. They are great.


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