Saturday, August 13, 2011

OH My!

Miss Jennifer over at Ellison Lane Quilts is highlighting me over on her blog today, the first of many in the "Follower Spotlight." So if you'd like to up your odds at winning Duffy Trivial Pursuit, feel free to take a look. Of course, that's just a game. If you want to win residential rights to the spare room you'll need to make killer margaritas and agree to hot tub excursions at all hours as I prattle on about my nonexistent love life. OH, makes the highlight so much more inviting, doesn't it?

Ellison Lane Quilts

Kidding aside, Jennifer is a talented modern sewist and a powerful force on the blog scene--she's got tips, tricks, giveaways, tutorials, the best swaps on the planet, and a passion for things that are close to her heart. See how easy it is to like this chick?!


  1. OH My! is right. I hopped over to Jennifer's and it is a great place!
    It was getting to know more about you. My husband would call you a wingnut, like me. That's a good thing. We are the kind that keep the world smiling and laughing.
    Enjoy our weekend!

  2. Crickey. Sentence should read, "It was FUN getting to know more about you." It really was!

  3. See me blushing? Thanks for the shout out and the sweet words my friend!

  4. Yes do send me the tofu information.

  5. What a great idea, fun funny fast and easy. Sort of like a speed dating date. I would go out with you!!! :)


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