Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Putting the money where your mouth is...

You KNOW I'm Irish, right? That means I'm LUCKY. And MOUTHY. IF you put those two together, what do you get?

You get me, entering an Accuquilt Go! Baby cutter giveaway on Made With Love with the following:

♥Duff said...22

I am a f♥ll♥wer! And I'm ready to win one of these puppies!! If I were to be so stinkin' lucky, I'd do cartwheels for Circles, tumbler, and drunkard’s path dies! Yes, cartwheels on a youtube video. promise!! :O)
So thanks again! and here it is (p.s., the cheer is "idiot!"):


  1. I feel cheated. You said you'd do cartwheels and that was cartwheel. I think you owe me another one.

  2. You did say cartwheels, plural!
    I'm impressed at how straight it was. Dave thought it was hilarious.

  3. I love it! You're a woman of your word!

  4. Awwww, Duff. That was cool and something I couldn't even do when I was a kid! I'm impressed.
    Congrats on winning the Go! That is too awesome. I'm entered somewhere and I can't even rememeber where. lol
    Blonde strikes again.
    Hugs, Deborah

  5. LOVE it!! Awesome- and a big CONGRATS on winning a Go! Baby!!

  6. This is great! Glad you one one of those Go!'s, too! You do a great cartwheel.

  7. I don't think you kept up your end of the bargain. Didn't you say cartwheels as in plural? I only saw one there my mouthy irish friend. ;) Though the cheer was totally kickin!

    Congrats to you!

  8. OH MY GOSH....I am a good way..I think! you need to be on the Ellen show!!! maybe you could win more stuff like a date with? Who would you want a date with?

  9. Awesome!! Congratulations on your win!!

  10. YES! Love the pre-cartwheel cheer.


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