Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mom's Quilt is Almost Ready!

Well, this is what’s going on with Mom’s quilt. I like it but I don’t. I like the colors, they’re just right I think. But I really like quilts that are more structured. For example, I think sashing would be perfect so that I can see each square’s construction and color layout. In fact, as I put it together, I was making sure that the colors worked together. Urgh! Why did I do that? I’m supposed to be focusing on breaking the rules, not making new ones. Santa’s naughty list it is. . .again.

I noticed that the camera really helps me to see an overall “picture” of the quilt to assess color placement. Do you see how the pink jumps out at you? I tried to make it as uniform as possible across the quilt so that your eyes will have a place to “rest.” I also think I’d like to put a thin border around this colorful quilt before the larger border. Maybe I’ll bring it to Bonita and get her opinion. What do you think?


  1. I'm not the quilting guru (not even sure what sashing on a quilt is either) but I think it looks great!!! I don't have a camera; Merry Christmas to all the baggage handlers at O'hare airport, so I just squint to see what POPS. It's pretty uniform...the pinks with the bright and the brown pattern are the two and the even distribution of both are very pleasing on these morning squinty eyes!! I say Yahtzee!

  2. I think the quilt looks great! And, I'm glad that whatever was wonky with the commenting boxes has been fixed, too!


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