Monday, January 11, 2010

The next project I’m going to finish is Agent J’s quilt. The front is Valori Wells’Delhi quilt kit in high desertand the back is still a picture in my mind’s eye. She said she was drawn to it because it’s not like regular quilts. Therefore, I’m going to try to make a 2-sided quilt with something interesting on the back. This endeavor covers two of my ongoing campaigns—1. Resolution to do more quilting and 2. Improv quilting! Agent J likes the designs of Heywood Wakefield so I thought I’d incorporate some clean lines and curves. So far I have an image of three strips across (multi-colored scraps from the front) and one bisecting line. The middle strip is about 1.5” and the other 2 about 1”. The bisecting line will be a dark brown/orange combination. Over that I’d like to hand-quilt an orange semicircle. Here’s a quick picture of what I am thinking (made on paint & trust me, a hand-drawn picture would be no better!) Oh, and on that note, I dropped my camera (first time) and it promptly broke so I'll have to get a new one soon :O(

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