Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Celebrating......A wonder-FULL life!

Okay, well, it’s been an exciting week. Supercute update: Patrick is off the breathing apparatus as of today and doing very well on his own! These pictures are from yesterday when he was under the lamps—checkout his cool shades! Sad and cute, all at once.

In other news, a big smooch goes out to Em of Em Celebrates! If you aren’t following her blog, you’re missing out on one of the most uplifting and inspiring blogs out there! She posted a picture of a quilt and I (naughtily!) commented that it didn’t match her house and I would gladly take it off her hands.

She sent it to me. As a gift. In wrapping paper no less! Just a few days before that, my friend’s Mom was killed and I was having a very hard time with that news. Em’s quilt came and covered me like a big hug, just when I needed it most. It is an amazing quilt and I am reminded of how heart-full it is to have such a thought-full, joy-full, bliss-full, peace-full friend; a selfless act that renews one’s faith in the human condition. I wish she could have heard me catch my breath when I ripped the wrapping paper or laugh as I stared at it (mouth wide open!) incredulously. Here it is on my couch. Try to double-click on the pic for a closer view!

But wait, there’s more…Em sent a quilt for baby Patrick. This is Liz, the mom, with the quilt. She tearfully explained to me that it is the exact colors she had just chosen for the baby’s room. She was astounded that a stranger would send something so precious. And that my friends, is Em. She’s just awesome!

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