Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Everyone loves a giveaway, right?
So, here's 3 for you!
1. Judi from Green Fairy Quilts. She is giving away a jellyroll of Happy Camper. Now, doesn't that make YOU a happy camper? (sorry, my sense of humor is still on spring break). While you're there, check out the longarm quilting abilities of this gal--they're amazing! One of my favorites is Em's "Muertos" quilt:


2. Jaybird quilts has a complete list of blogs that (who?) are giving away things left and right! Some of it is, like, totally awesome dude!

3. I Have a Notion owner Kelly Jackson is celebrating her 1-year anniversary. She is giving away items EVERY DAY, March15-April 15. Niiiice!
I Have A Notion: Lets Spread The Word!!! Giveaways For A MONTH!!!

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