Monday, March 29, 2010

Supercute & His New Rag Quilt Blanket

Patrick is now up to 4.3 pounds! He had the flu but after a course of antibiotics, he’s doing just fine. He has been moved to a side room in the NICU—yeah! We are all hopeful that he will be out of the incubator and into a crib soon.

Here is the rag quilt that Aidan and I made for Supercute. Aidan picked out the fabrics and even did some of the sewing! He’s 5’5” (and holding the quilt up) so this blanket is a great size and should last Supercute for a while. I've asked Aidan to sew before and he always gave me the "no way" look. It was pretty awesome to see him step up to the plate for his little brother♥

This is the wonky awesomeness I've been playing with since January. It's just not working for me. The outline is brown with white dots. I've tried making a vertical "bar" and also "floating" the star squares, but I'm not satisfied. Any ideas? Is it okay? Blah or Blaggchh!?

Last but not least, Aidan spent more than half of his spring break at the hospital visiting with his brother, but took time out to send me pics of a car in the hospital parking lot. What a great advertisement!


  1. It is wonderful that little Patrick is growing so quickly. Hopefully he is big enough and healthy enough to go home with his dad and mom soon.

    I absolutely adore the quilt that you and Aidan made for Patrick! The design is awesome!

    As for the wonky quilt, I don't really have any advice. I do like the stars, though.

  2. Happy to see the babe is doing so well. The quilt is cute and the fact that brother helped make it is so special..

  3. So glad that Patrick is over the flu and putting on weight. What a great way for his brother to help and the bear is awesome to wrap him up!

  4. Poor little guy having the flu already! How sweet that Aiden helped make the darling bear blanket.
    As for the stars, what if you change out the patterned fabric for a solid?

  5. WOW!!! what a way for me to start my day with such joy and silliness and beautiful quilting!!!! You are my Godwink today and hope you are feeling better! LOVE LOVE LOVE the blanket for Patrick and that your son helped. SO FUN!!! Love, Em

  6. Hooray for Patrick!!!
    I think that floral is way too busy as the background even though it IS the star centres. Why not float them on a plain background (check out this blog for those sorts of ideas: ) and let the stars shine?
    Hugs, Jasmine


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