Saturday, March 13, 2010

Eye Candy--Supercute and Sateen

Patrick is smiling! I can’t resist! The hospital said that he can wear clothes now--yeah! He's back on the oxygen but hopefully not too much longer.

This is Liz & Patrick “kangarooing”--how sweet they both look!

Oh, quilting eye candy! These are Taddle boxes—a baker’s dozen of 11-inch squares. As far as I know, they are only available at Tammy Tadd’s shop. She has all kinds but they’re only available in-store. What a shame, huh? So I purchased these 2 lovely batik boxes and I thought I’d make a version of Vicki’s quilt on black Kona.

I went to purchase some at Joann’s, but they were out. However, I did find this lovely royal purple/eggplant sateen. I hope this is okay to use ‘cause I’m smitten! If anyone knows of a reason why I shouldn’t . . . speak up!!


  1. WAHOOO! he will be home before we know it! I so love the updates on this special little buckaroo!!!

  2. Do you need some measurements? I can send them tonight if you'd like them.


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