Monday, March 15, 2010

GoGo Grocery Bag

Well now, this is interesting! I begged a friend to give me a copy of her pattern so that I could make this smashing reusable bag. She agreed, but only because I read every word on patterns (I like to think of it as being FOCUSED not anal retentive, thankyouverymuch!) and could act as a proofreader (a fancy title for--if I can do it, anyone can).

That said, the pattern is not yet for sale, but it’s definitely in the works! And, for those of you who are also FOCUSED, a lot of thought went into the pattern because it’s easy to read and goes together FAST! Here’s a photo of it closed and ready to travel, then a quick video of opening it. It is 16H X 14W X 7D (Niiiice!). If you are interested in the pattern, by all means, bug the crap out of Vicki! Tell her you NEED the GoGo Grocery Bag!

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  1. bug the crap....I LOVE IT! you are the one cracking me up now!


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