Sunday, March 7, 2010

Who Doesn't Love a Birdie Sling Bag?

Another Birdie Sling bag! This time it's made with Amy Butler's "Love" fabric line. You know how it goes-once you figure out the pattern, the next one is a heck of a lot easier. This one went together much better than the first thanks toJennie, who remarked, “I think you’re sewing that on upside down” at the sew-in. Wooops! If you link to her flickr page, you’ll see the birdie sling she made out of Laura Gunn’s "Poppy" line-it’s gorgeous!

This bag is for my Aunt who will be celebrating her 71stbirthday on March 20th.

Happy Birthday Aunt Bunnie! You’re gonna be stylin’!


  1. LOVE the birdie sling! I have it pegged on my cork board waiting for me. Your colors are great!

  2. I think this bag looks great! There is no doubt that your aunt will love it. I might even go so far as to buy the pattern and make one for myself...that is after I destash a bit and make some of the things I already have in my queue.

  3. soo pretty. I love your colour combo and also the chair that's modelling it as well.


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